Ease Editing with Microsoft Word’s Table of Contents Feature

Editing long documents can be a nightmare. As writers, it’s exciting to see your work in progress grow, but daunting when it comes to revisions. One way to ease those editing pains is to use Headings and a Table of Contents to organize your work into sections, whether those are chapters or something more tailoredContinue reading “Ease Editing with Microsoft Word’s Table of Contents Feature”

Keep Your Writing Resolutions

We all know the schtick. Resolutions are made to be broken. By February, most of us have forgotten any resolutions made, let alone are sticking to them. It’s another pointless, painful cycle, accompanied by nagging feelings of disappointment and self-doubt. Are you ready to kick it to the curb? Try thinking of your resolutions asContinue reading “Keep Your Writing Resolutions”

So you think you want to write fiction…

Write a million stories. Write a hundred bad stories. Write short short stories and long rambling neverending tales that you’ll never finish and will eventually give up as a bad job. Write different genres, point of views, settings, voices — anything to mix it up in the early stages. When you ‘finish’ drafts, rest them, read them, revise them,Continue reading “So you think you want to write fiction…”